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Used by some of the world's largest companies, Next.js enables you to create full-stack Web applications by extending the latest React features, and integrating powerful Rust-based JavaScript tooling for the fastest builds.

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An AI research and deployment company. Their mission is to ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity.

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Prisma unlocks a new level of developer experience when working with databases thanks to its intuitive data model, automated migrations, type-safety & auto-completion.

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Tiptap is a suite of open source content editing and real-time collaboration tools for developers building apps like Notion or Google Docs.

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Embracing OpenAI for my blog brings forth a revolution in content creation. Leveraging its advanced language models, I harness the power of natural language processing to generate engaging and contextually relevant articles. OpenAI's capabilities elevate the overall quality of my content, making it more compelling and resonant with readers. Additionally, employing an on-site editing tool like Tiptap enhances the editorial process, streamlining content creation with its intuitive and feature-rich interface. This combination not only expedites the writing process but also ensures a seamless and collaborative editing experience, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and impact of my blog.

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